MAREC is a business unit at Christian Michelsen Research  ( for commercialization of new software for marine acoustics data. The software is developed in close collaboration with the Institute of Marine Reseach ( Both institutions are located in Bergen, Norway.

The vision for MAREC is to reach "holistic understanding of marine ecosystems". To date, it is possible to get partial information about some marine species from acoustic data. In the future, holistic understanding of marine ecosystems will be essential in order to achieve sustainable management and harvesting of marine resources. New innovative software, taking full advantage of modern echosounders and sonars, is the key to fulfill this vision.

The mission for MAREC is to provide leading software for authorities, universities, and commercial companies having needs related to marine resource management and harvesting.

MAREC has been established with a long-term perspective. In the early phase of the project, it will be staffed with part-time coordinators from the supporting organizations, the Institute of Marine Reseach ( and Christian Michelsen Research ( The coordinators will then pull in resources according to needs and funding. By working in this manner, MAREC will be able to operate at low risk and low cost, and the user community will know that research institutions with a long track record will stay behind MAREC products for a long time.