Welcome to MAREC, a provider of advanced software for processing and interpreting of marine acoustics data.

The "Large Scale Survey System", abbreviated LSSS, and pronounced "L-triple-S", is a software package for detailed analysis of data from multi-frequency echo-sounders, either in offline mode in offices, or in online mode during data acquisition. LSSS is designed for use within marine resource monitoring, estimation and management, and for use within marine research. The primary strength of LSSS is to offer rapid interpretation of large amounts of data. All functionality has been built with the intention of enabling the users to interpret one full day of survey data in about 2 hours. This contributes to make LSSS an ideal tool for regular monitoring and analysis of a nation's stock of different species. Currently, LSSS has more than 100 registered users.

MAREC offers LSSS software packages and related services for training, installation, and support/maintenance.

The next LSSS course:

Categorization of acoustic wideband data with LSSS-2.16.0
Monday 19 – Friday 23 February 2024, Bergen