LSSS: key features

LSSS is designed for marine stock assessment and for use within marine research. The primary strength of LSSS is to offer rapid interpretation of large amounts of data. All functionality has been built with the intention of enabling a typical user to interpret one full day of survey data in about 2 hours. This is achieved through the following features:

  1. Flexible, configurable survey setup designed to meet the demands of work processes in organizations of various sizes

  2. Handles very large surveys, primarily limited by computer disk space

  3. Advanced pre-processing with noise removal, filtering, categorization training, and automatic school detection

  4. Handles multi-frequency data (arbitrary number of frequencies)

  5. Data loading with step-wise refinement, allowing users to start interpretation immediately while remaining data are being loaded in parallel

  6. Data loading with "look ahead" functionality, means that often the next data to be interpreted exists in internal memory when the interpreter is ready

  7. Interpretation by means of a very flexible drawing tool, allowing users to draw continuous free-form lines (for layers), and arbitrarily shaped closed contours (for schools)

  8. Prepared for automatic school categorization (this functionality will be included during 2006)

  9. Modular design, making it easy and efficient to extend system functionality