Korneliussen, R.J. 1, Ona, E. 1, Eliassen, I. 2, Heggelund, Y. 2, Patel, R. 1, Godø, O.R. 1,
Giertsen, C. 2, Patel, D. 2, Nornes, E. 2, Bekkvik, T. 2, Knudsen, H. P. 1 Lien, G.1

1 Institute of Marine Research         2 Christian Michelsen Research

Acoustic methods are widely used for estimating fish abundance. Currently, the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) uses the Bergen Echo Integrator (BEI) to analyse the acoustic data. Development of BEI started in 1987, and although it still fills its purpose it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and expand. An evaluation of existing postprocessing systems for acoustic data concluded that present software systems do not meet the future demands of IMR. Therefore, IMR decided to develop a new post-processing system, the Large Scale Survey System (LSSS). LSSS is described here.

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